Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beauty Feature: Make-up Meltdown

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It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen on a night out and we’ve all been there. You spend hours getting ready; moisturiser, primer, foundation, mascara, bronzer, blush, highlighter, the dreaded liquid eye-liner application. Eventually you’re preened to perfection and leave the house feeling your best. Two hours later you’re staring at your reflection in a bathroom somewhere wondering how long ago your eye-liner crumbled off, or whether anyone has noticed that smudged lipstick, the eyebrow that’s managed to get half way across your face or the foundation that’s somehow disappeared.

Who wants their night to be spoiled by constant mirror checks though? No-one! You envy those friends who manage to stay looking perfect the whole night… cue hunt for sixteen hour foundations, miracle primers, super waterproof eye-liners and desperately spraying your face with hairspray before the next night out.

I spent years trying nearly every primer – Smashbox, L’Oreal, No 7, Benefit – not to mention really trying to force myself to like Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation (It lasts all day and more… but you look like you’ve gone swimming in foundation, not to mention the dryness of your skin once you finally get it off).  Fear no more, here at FACE we’ve done the work for you: and we can’t believe we’re revealing our best-kept secret!

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray has been a top beauty choice of mine for a while now, in fact, since before my switch to cruelty-free. I love this product and the fact that Urban Decay is a cruelty-free brand has now made it a firm favourite. Read the full review, with all the pros and cons to using this product below.

Beauty Feature: REVIEW- Urban Decay All Nighter

Urban Decay All Nighter - Long-Lasting Make-up Setting Spray 
£19.50 - Urban Decay at Debenhams


·      This product really works. Safe to say that on my first few uses of it I got a bit spray-happy and sprayed on a lot more than the recommended amount, but as my faith in the product grew I realised that a simple X shaped spray across the face was all I needed to keep my make-up looking fresh ALL NIGHT.     
·       Now, I am obsessed with make-up and so wearing this product didn’t keep me from topping up with a slick of lipstick or a sweep of mascara here and there BUT the main point is that I wasn’t in the bathroom every half hour frantically checking for a make-up meltdown. I was out enjoying myself care-free, and when I got home I wasn’t horrified by my make-up reflection but pleasantly surprised!

·      The product actually makes your make-up look better! The spray adds a luminosity to your face creating the dewy effect that I love. If you’re more a matte fan however this can be resolved by dusting some translucent powder over the top.

·       The product itself lasts a long time depending on how you use it. It comes in a fairly big 118ml size and so can last a good four to five months if used only when going out. If you’re a busy individual and wear the product every day in the day-time I’d expect the bottle to last around two to possibly three months. Another great bonus to this product is that it also comes in a travel size (Or as I like to call it, handbag-sized!) of 30ml, meaning it can easily be fitted into a handbag or purse for on the go make-up confidence.


     Sadly this seemingly miracle product does have some downsides. Namely the price. A 118ml bottle will put you down by about £19.50 with prices ranging a pound above or below at different retailers. To soften the blow however, I recommend buying Urban Decay products from Debenhams as the store often has online discount events across health and beauty products. 

·      The packaging is a standard spray pump, so that does mean you’re left over with a small amount of product once the pump cannot reach the liquid. The cap is easy to unscrew however and any left-over product can be easily poured onto your hands and patted on in key areas. (NOTE: only do this when spray has run out, the best application method is to use it as a spray.)

·      The product contains SD alcohol (denatured alcohol, often seen on labels as 'alcohol denat.'). This is an alcohol found in many cosmetic products in small amounts. However if using this product on a very regular basis it can and will dry out the skin. I would therefore not recommend using it as part of your everyday routine.

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Have you tried this product before - what did you think of it? Would you consider trying it after reading this review? What are your tips for making your make-up last longer? Comment below!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Beauty Feature: The Body Shop, 3 of my must-have make-up products!

For my first beauty feature I want to share with you a couple of my favourite beauty products from The Body Shop; a prime example of a successful business with good-quality products that never has and never will support animal testing. (I am aware that The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal, read why I choose to support it hereWhat makes this a double whammy of feel-good beauty is that The Body Shop's make-up products are REALLY GOOD... 

.: 1 :.

£14.00 - The Body Shop


The revelation that the majority of my favourite high street brands tested on animals was a shock to my make up bag as well as me. As intent as I was on ditching those brands, I thought that replacing my L'Oreal favourites would prove difficult.

Not at all! I ADORE this foundation.

Nourishing! The great thing about this foundation is that it contains a combination of pure minerals and extra virgin olive oil; naturally sourced ingredients that are great for your skin. I would recommend this foundation for dry skin types especially as the cold-pressed olive oil provides moisture all day without feeling greasy.

Blemishes?What Blemishes? What's better is that it's a really good all-rounder. It provides a build-able medium coverage that is absolutely flawless. It is not a matte foundation and instead provides me with a healthy dewy glow that I love, especially in the summer. This makes it the perfect base for bronzer and highlighter as the end result does not look powdery or caked-on but fresh and natural!

Unsuitable for oily skin: Although great for dry and combination skins, I wouldn't recommend this foundation for those with oily skin types. 

Oxidation: I tend to opt for a shade lighter than I usually would because the foundation has a tendency to oxidise and turn slightly darker over a couple of hours. It is never an orange hue though and easily resolved by choosing one shade lighter than normal.

.: 2 :.

£16.00 - The Body Shop


This bronzer is one of my absolute all-time beauty favourites. In fact, this has been my favourite bronzer since before my decision to ditch all animal-tested brands. I cannot praise this product enough. I usually opt for the 02 - Warm Glow as it has a peachy tone to it which works really well in both summer and winter. I find shade 01 slightly too dark as I am fair-skinned but for more olive-toned skins it would be perfect.

The bronzer is very slightly shimmery, and so it reflects the light giving a very flattering dewy effect on the cheeks and I have often been asked what bronzer I use when wearing it. It's consistency is absolutely perfect for blending and therefore it does not streak or create dirty patches as other bronzers do. Since I started using it three years ago my mum has also fallen in love with it and now we both find it hard to buy any other!

The best thing about this bronzer for me is the colour. It is not that artificial orange you get in some cheaper products and neither is it a brown too dark to look natural on the fairer skinned. The best way to describe this bronzer would be 'warm', it simply adds a touch of warmth to the skin that doesn't look false or heavy.

It is not a single uniform colour, instead it is made up of a combination of shimmering pearls, peaches and warm golden browns creating a perfectly natural glow in one sweep.

Lasts forever! £16.00 may seem pricey for a high-street bronzer but the great thing about the 'Baked-To-Last' bronzer is that it's baked- so it lasts! This is another double-whammy from The Body Shop; one application in the morning will see me through the whole day whilst the product itself will last at the very least two months, and bear in mind I wear this product everyday. 

 I really struggle to find anything wrong with this bronzer! However new buyers should note that it is not a matte, uniform colour and does contain shimmering particles. I believe the effect is lovely, however if you prefer a matte look then I would recommend The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, which comes in a variety of warm shades.

.: 3 :.

£16.00 - The Body Shop


Last but not least is the SHIMMER WAVES cheek blush! I have only ever used the darker shade 01 - Bronze as I first took the plunge and spent the £16.00 on it this summer just gone.I have a love-hate relationship with this product, but the love outweighs the hate and so here is why it is on my top 3 beauty-buys!

I used this cheek blush whilst on holiday every evening and from the first night my three best friends were asking what I was using. I absolutely adore this least two colours of it. And this is where the love-hate begins. The golden pearl at the bottom of the palette and the pale pink at the top are without a doubt little stripes of cheek perfection in a square. 

I use the pearl colour as a highlighter, sweeping it across the tops of my cheek, collar and brow bones. It creates a shimmer that, no matter how much make up you may be wearing, creates the impression you are bare faced with glowing skin. Adding a touch of the pale pink to the apples of your cheeks also adds a really pretty and natural blush.

This little product has practically achieved a cult status among Body Shop buyers and from my experience its not hard to see why. Furthermore, a great bonus is that unlike some other highlighters, the colours in this palette show up great in photos, they really do reflect light making you positively glow.

As mentioned earlier, there is a downside to this product.Although I absolutely LOVE it...I just wish the whole palette was the pearly gold that I use as a highlighter.

I am already in love with The Body Shop's Baked-To-Last Bronzer (See above), which I use every day and so personally I find that I never really use the three middle shades of the palette. This is such a shame because obviously paying out £16.00 for - if I'm honest - a week's worth of highlighter is far too expensive.

HOWEVER  I really cannot express the brilliance of that bottom shade and so, as a one off purchase for a special occasion or a holiday treat I would definitely recommend splashing the cash. I haven't found a powder highlighter yet that rivals it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to FACE, the new beauty blog aiming to bring cruelty-free beauty to the masses. 

How many of you have made the sweeping statement: "I don't believe in testing on animals for cosmetics" ? I certainly have.

But how many of us act on this statement? I spent years buying high street cosmetics from well known stores and brands... unaware that I was pouring this money directly into the companies that participate in animal cruelty. L'orealMaybellineRimmelGarnier, to name but a few, are all brands that participate in the experimentation and testing of their products on animals. The full list of brands can be found on PETA's website, here.

Whilst these companies might not be honest about where your money is going, this blog will. Going cruelty-free doesn't mean going bare-faced however. There are many brands, some well known, that are against animal testing and this blog will aim to bring you the many alternatives that are out there!