Monday, 11 November 2013

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to FACE, the new beauty blog aiming to bring cruelty-free beauty to the masses. 

How many of you have made the sweeping statement: "I don't believe in testing on animals for cosmetics" ? I certainly have.

But how many of us act on this statement? I spent years buying high street cosmetics from well known stores and brands... unaware that I was pouring this money directly into the companies that participate in animal cruelty. L'orealMaybellineRimmelGarnier, to name but a few, are all brands that participate in the experimentation and testing of their products on animals. The full list of brands can be found on PETA's website, here.

Whilst these companies might not be honest about where your money is going, this blog will. Going cruelty-free doesn't mean going bare-faced however. There are many brands, some well known, that are against animal testing and this blog will aim to bring you the many alternatives that are out there!

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