Friday, 7 March 2014

Beauty Feature: REVIEW: Arbonne FC5 Complexion Revitalising Set

Hello! So, a little while ago I received some cruelty-free skin care samples from Arbonne and being given two sets of the three 3ml samples I decided to overhaul my current skincare routine and properly road-test this one! 

 Let's have a look at what I've been using:

  • FC5 Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener
  • FC5 Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20
  • FC5 Moisturising Night Creme

Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener

  • This was really lovely to splash on in the morning as it contains fresh strawberry cell extracts which gave it a pleasant smell.
  • After using it my skin felt refreshed and tight which created a really nice base for the moisturiser to absorb in to. I didn't feel like I would have to use a toner with this product, it seemed to give that same effect on it's own.
  • After using it for six days I'd say my skin looked visibly brighter after using.
  • The cleanser is used with water however the product doesn't lather at all. This is probably due to it being more of a moisturising formula and maybe I'm just odd but I like a face wash that really foams and convinces me it's doing something.
  • It doesn't remove make up - then again it doesn't claim to remove make up - however this means it's an added step onto my night time skin routine which sometimes felt unnecessary after cleansing and washing my face as normal.
  • At £20 it's quite expensive as an individual purchase.

Nurturing Day Lotion


  • I formed a love/hate relationship with this product. For the first two days I absolutely adored it. After letting it sink into my face my skin felt super soft and silky - definitely not greasy - and my complexion appeared brighter.
  • Furthermore it created a fantastic base for my foundation (Extra Virgin Minerals by TBS), acting practically like a primer. My make-up, once applied, looked the best it had done in a while and really fresh faced.
  • Once again, smelled lovely (my notes say: like summer!) as it contains fresh kiwi cell extracts.
  • Unfortunately this lovely relationship came to an end on around day 3 of the road test. After using the moisturiser for a couple of days my skin actually became drier. Or super absorbent anyway. My skin seemed to be drinking in all the moisture it could get and as a result my make up began to appear drier than usual and dull. Being an oil-based foundation it usually sits on my skin with quite a nice sheen however it began sinking into my pores and highlighting the dry areas. 
  • Therefore it seems that for dry skin such as mine a thicker more cream like moisturiser would be more suitable than this lotion which is quite thin. However judging from the effects I experienced in the first couple of days I think someone with normal/combination/oily skin would probably have a good experience with this!
  • Additionally this moisturiser took quite a bit of rubbing in to absorb into the skin.

Moisturising Night Creme

  • This was definitely my favourite of the three samples. It left my skin feeling really silky and felt like a great pick me up for my skin after a long day/evening out.
  • It contains fresh mango extracts and applying this onto my skin after wearing make-up all day felt like I was really treating it.
  • Waking up in the morning my skin still felt really soft and as I don't usually moisturise at night I feel like it improved the condition of my skin and I would definitely consider adding this to my night-time routine!
  • At £43 for 50ml this is definitely not a budget buy and one for those with a more expensive budget. That being said, it is a really good quality product so I guess you're getting what you pay for in this case.


Did you find this post helpful? Which cruelty-free skincare products do you swear by? Have you tried Arbonne before? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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