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Beauty Feature: REVIEW: Arbonne RE9 Anti-Ageing (cruelty-free!) Skin Care Line

 Hello all! Sorry for the long wait between posts but I am now pleased to say I've procured my mum's extensive notes on her experience with the Arbonne RE9 samples I sent to her so I can now fully review the products, yay!

First off, what was in the range? Let's have a look:
  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser (Step 1)
  • Regenerating Toner (Step 2)
  • Intensive Renewal Serum (Step 3)
  • Corrective Eye Creme (Step 4)
  • Restorative Day Creme SPF 20 (Step 5 - day)
  • Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF 20 (Step 5 - day)
  • Night Repair Creme (Step 5 - night)
  (What a lucky mum!)

The range is marketed as a five step daily skin-care routine and so my mum, Jeanette, made sure to apply them in the correct order (as shown above) morning and evening until the samples ran out. I asked her to make notes on how she found the range and her overall verdict of each product. Here's the results!

The Smoothing Facial Cleanser

  • The product left her skin feeling smooth and tight after use but still soft. 
  • She found she only had to use a pea sized amount for face and neck as a little went a long way
  • It did not lather too much, making it a moisturising creamy wash rather than one that left her skin feeling dry.
  • Enjoyed this as part of her morning routine and would probably buy again.
  •  Jeanette found using the cleanser at night unnecessary, preferring to use her normal moisturising make-up remover and water.

Regenerating Toner

  • Once again, left skin feeling tight and refreshed
  • A light, pleasant smelling product

  • Found application difficult with sample, on Day 1 applied with finger tips and coverage was not very good (had to use a lot). However, on Day 2 applied with cotton wool and this improved significantly. 
  • The sample ran out very quickly however the full sized product comes as mist with a pump and Jeanette believes that this would result in a much better application and longer lasting product.

Intensive Renewal Serum
  • Two pea sized amounts covered face and neck; a little bit goes a long way
  • Jeanette found it smelt lovely,went on easily and was quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin smooth and dry to the touch, soft without a greasy feel. 
  • One of the longest lasting of all the samples
  • After 6 days of use Jeanette found an improvement in some fine lines and would probably buy the product again.
  • Whilst the (3ml) sample did last a week Jeanette finds the cost of the full sized (30ml) product very expensive at £46 compared to her normal skincare range.

Corrective Eye Cream


  • Woohoo! (My mum didn't say woohoo but this was by far her favourite product of the range) Very pleased with this product, labelled it as 'excellent' and would definitely buy again.
  • Jeanette saw an improvement in puffiness and dark circles around the eyes after just 24 hours.
  • Only a tiny amount needed
  • She found it a very light and easily absorbed cream which she prefers to other, heavier products.
  • Finds it a shame that the full size product is only 15ml compared to the 30ml of other products in the range.
  • Again, very pricey at £44, however believes this product is worth the investment.

Restorative Day Creme and Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme

  • Jeanette did not find these suited to her skin type however would recommend them for those with very dry skin
  • Once absorbed it did leave her skin feeling very soft and noticeably smoother
  • Found the 'Extra Moisture' version was significantly different to the normal one in terms of thickness and richness of cream. Unsuitable for her own skin type but for those with very dry skin would be very beneficial.
  • Found the consistency slightly greasy and found it took quite a while to absorb into her skin (was still 'tacky' after five minutes) however as stated above it did leave her skin feeling very soft once absorbed therefore not suitable for those who prefer a quick skin routine in the mornings.


Overall, Jeanette enjoyed her trial of the RE9 skincare regime and found a definite improvement in skin firmness after six days. However, as a 'routine' she found many of the products unnecessary at night time, preferring to sleep bare faced. The eye cream was definitely her favourite of the collection, would recommend, and is herself looking into purchasing the full sized version soon! As a collection, the RE9 full sized products would put you back a steep £257 however, purchased individually they range in price from around £25 to £46 and in the case of the Corrective Eye Cream and Intensive Renewal Serum Jeanette believes it a good investment!


Have you found this post helpful? What cruelty-free skincare products would you recommend? Have you tried any Arbonne products before? Comment below and share your thoughts, we love to hear back!

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