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Beauty Feature: REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Okay, I bought this about a month ago now so I've been giving it a good road test and I think this could be a summer foundation winner for a few of you. So with no more ado and after some pretty packaging photos I'll dive right into the pros and cons...


  • Lightweight: It does what it says on the can! For a foundation with good coverage this doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all. As promised, it feels just like your own skin and with summer on it's way that's a definite plus. The consistency is quite runny and thin helping it to spread evenly.
  • Buildable and flawless coverage: I'd say this is a light-medium coverage foundation however it's easily buildable to a full coverage. Nonetheless, it achieves a flawless airbrushed look with just a single application and does a brilliant job of covering any blemishes, uneven skin tone or dark circles. The first weekend I tried this foundation I got a lot of compliments on how natural my skin was looking, both my boyfriend and my mum said that the foundation was undetectable on my skin and that was something I really liked.
  • Range of shades: The foundation comes in 18 shades with a system to help you choose a foundation with warm, yellow undertones or cool, pinky undertones. Click here to try the foundation matcher for yourself. 
  • Long lasting: The product itself lasts a long time as one or two pumps is easily enough to cover your face. I've had my bottle for a month now and have just over half left. Which is amazing for me!

Shade 4.0 Swatch, left is rubbed in slightly whilst right is straight from pump for comparison


  • Not for those with dry skin: This is the main problem for me and the reason that I won't be purchasing this foundation again. I found the formula very drying and although it gives a flawless coverage it also gives quite a matte, and powdery finish. Some people prefer this, especially those who perhaps have oily skin, however I found that it simply accentuated dry patches and did nothing moisture-wise for my skin.
  • The smell: The smell of this foundation is hard to describe, it's not overly unpleasant but it is quite a strong, metal-ly smell that I didn't like at all. However it's in no way unbearable.
  • Not very long wearing: I haven't found this foundation to be very long lasting. It will last for a few hours nicely and then begin to go patchy or settle into lines etc. Again, this may be because of my skin type but in general it wasn't the best performance considering it's quite a matte foundation.
  • Application: Although a little bit does go a long way I found that this foundation began to dry quite quickly on my skin and so I found that to achieve an even application I had to work fast!

Overall Verdict

Despite the drawbacks I experienced with this foundation, in my honest opinion I think that this could be a perfect summer foundation for some of you out there. If you have normal or oily skin I'd definitely recommend this product, it does create a flawless coverage and feels absolutely weightless on your face. Although I'd suggest you team it with a good primer to increase it's wear and moisturise your skin!  For those with dry skin however, I'd stay away, all this foundation achieved for me was dryer and duller looking skin, which was a shame as I was very excited to try it.

Here are some before and after photos to demonstrate the coverage and photo-friendliness of the product:

(Left: Before , Right: After)



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  1. I had this foundation, but even with the lightest shade I found it adds some extra colour. Which some people like, but I prefer foundations which completely blend in with my natural skin tone. But coverage was definitely good, probably for the same reason!


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