Friday, 6 June 2014

Beauty Feature: REVIEW: The Body Shop Aloe Vera Skincare Range

Ta-da! This summer I have invested in a skincare set from The Body Shop (Yay!) Having normal to dry skin I opted for their Aloe Vera hydration range, which means I have been treating my lucky skin to: a facial wash, a toner, a pre-moisturiser serum and a day cream. To see the full range including an eye cream and a restorative mask (my budget didn't stretch to the full 14 products) click hereIf you're interested in beginning a new cruelty-free skincare routine for summer, read on for my thoughts on this range.


Aloe Gentle Facial Wash

Pros: The product comes out as a soft foam and one or two pumps is enough to cover your face and neck. It has a light pleasant smell and really lives up to it's 'gentle' promise as the foam is not harsh or drying at all, I've practically rubbed this stuff into my eyes on several occasions (not recommended) and it hasn't stung at all. It leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and super clean and in my opinion my skin has been looking brighter and clearer, too. 

Cons: The only downside to this product is that it doesn't effectively remove make-up. Personally I don't mind this as I use a cream cleanser beforehand to wipe mine away and I like to see this product as an extra treat for my skin underneath, clearing away any remaining traces of make-up or dirt.


Aloe Calming Toner

Pros: I've never really bothered with a toner before as they usually contain alcohol which can be very drying. However I was happy to find that this one is alcohol free and I've grown to really love it. It's only got something like 6 ingredients making it really gentle and natural and it's brilliant for wiping away any last traces of mascara. It has a cooling effect which really wakes me up in the morning along with a cucumber-y (cucumberous?) smell which, again, is really summery and fresh. The best thing about this stuff is that it really preps my skin for moisturiser, helping it to absorb almost instantly into my skin.

Cons: There isn't really a downside to this product, it's quite pricey for what it is at £8 for 200ml but I've had mine for nearly a month now and it's barely gone down. I wouldn't buy it without an offer however (I got 50% off) as I don't see this as a vital part of a skincare routine but it is nice to have. I'm also not a massive fan of the bottle, I'd probably prefer a pump or a spray lid but then that's me just being fussy.


Aloe Protective Serum

Pros: This is perfect for sensitive skin as it is fragrance, colour and alcohol free. It's also super hydrating and works as a pre-moisturiser. Applied after the toner and before the day cream it makes my skin feel super silky. Light and fresh it absorbs really well and despite acting as an extra protective barrier for your skin, once absorbed it's weightless. I love the pump dispenser as you can see how much you have left and it allows for easy application; one pump will spread easily across the whole face. Having used this as a "pre-moisturiser" for extra hydration I've really noticed a difference to my usually dry skin and its a fantastic base for make-up.

Cons: At £11 for 30ml this is really pricey and again, I can't see myself purchasing it without some kind of offer (The Body Shop usually have some kind of online or in-store offer). The amount you get is quite small for the price too and despite a little going a long way I would prefer a few more mls. 


Aloe Soothing Day Cream

Pros: Finally, after I've foamed and toned and "serum-ed" my face I massage in this "soothing" day cream. Being a cream opposed to a lotion, it is thicker in consistency to most tubed or bottled moisturisers and therefore I would not recommend it for those with oily skin. For those with normal to dry skin however this cream really quenches any dryness and leaves your skin plumped up and bright. Furthermore with daily use the Aloe Vera extract in all of these products appears to have cleared and prevented any redness or breakouts in my skin - which is great!

Cons: This cream is great but again at £10 it is pricey therefore, again, I would never buy at full price and always utilise an offer. Being a cream it also takes very slightly longer to absorb into my skin than would a lotion or a fluid moisturiser and especially if teamed with the serum I find I have to let both products sink in a while before cracking on with my make up. Another downside for me is that there is no SPF in this moisturiser!

Overall, I'm loving this range (even if a massive part of it is being impressed at having kept up a skincare routine for over a week)! The products are gentle and natural meaning I have no qualms about applying them daily and after a good few weeks using these products I believe that the range has really improved the health and appearance of my skin! Also the range is massive which means you can mix and match to suit your own needs, if you have oily skin forget the serum and go for a mask or a lighter moisturiser, or if you want to target problem areas swap the toner for eye cream or a soothing gel!

Did you enjoy this post? Have you tried any of The Body Shop's skincare range? What did you think? Comment below and share your thoughts!!