Sunday, 13 July 2014

ZSL Abseil for Lions! A big thank you to everyone who sponsored...

Yesterday afternoon was my Abseil for Lions challenge and luckily it all went without a hitch... although I have to say leaning backwards over a 90ft drop was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. Aside from the jelly legs and pre-abseil nerves it was a brilliant day out with friends and family and I'm so glad I did it.  The abseil, however, is really nothing compared to the outcome and purpose of it - which was to raise money for the planet's dwindling Asian lion population. So in this post I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored the abseil and donated to the campaign, as everyone who knows me will know that animal conservation is a passionate subject for me and I'm so pleased to be able to say that together everyone has helped raise a grand total of £221.96!!!

The Lions 400 campaign is such a brilliant cause and as I really can't say thank you enough to everyone who sponsored I want to provide you with some more information on what your donations will mean for the Asian lion population - so you can all feel super super good:

  •  At the moment, the Asiatic lion exists only in the isolated Gir forest of India and as the campaign name (Lions 400) suggests, there are only 400 individuals of this ancient species remaining. The Gir forest is at capacity and this is forcing more and more Asian lions to wander into the unsafe territory surrounding the forest in search of food. Part of the ZSL conservation project (funded by your donations) includes preparing a new and safe area of forest - which will have a protected status - in the same region of India. This will enable the Asian lions to expand their range into new territory without the risk of hunters or poaching. Expansion is vital to the survival of the Asian lion, for whilst they remain grouped in one area just one natural disaster or disease could mean extinction for the species.

  • Your donations will also help the ZSL extend their leading conservation technology to the rangers and custodians of the Gir forest. Forest rangers will be able to receive real time data and combined with a unique ‘lion hotline’ set up by ZSL, this technology means ' the forest ranger rapid response team will be able to act immediately on problems and mantain the harmony of the forest with the community that lives in and around it'.

  • The Lions400 project is also working on extending accurate and effective veterinary care to the lions of the Gir forest with their vet exchange programme. Your donations will help to fund the training of forest rangers in 'the latest and best disease surveillance techniques and veterinary procedures' ensuring the wild lions can be treated successfully. Your donations will also mean the ZSL can send their expert vets to India where they will run accessible veterinary training courses for trainee Gir forest rangers. 

These are just short examples of the amazing work that the ZSL are doing in India to protect the last 400 Asian lions but thank you again to everyone that donated and I hope this has helped you realise what a difference your money will help make to the Lions400 campaign!

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