Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The perfect nude? Barry M 'Just Peachy' Lipstick and Lipliner Review

Here we go, another lippy review and this time it's a pretty little Barry M find called 'Just Peachy 165'... and of course it's 100% cruelty free!

  • Well, where to begin. First off, what have Barry M done to their lipsticks and why did I not discover it sooner! I used to avoid buying Barry M Lip Paint because I found them far too dry with little staying power. Now I'm not sure what they've changed but it is brilliant! I've found it so so so moisturising and that's with everyday wear, too. 
  • Next, the shape of this lipstick is fairly traditional but nonetheless it's a tried and tested shape that works. As expected it allows you to follow the natural line of your lip easily without going over the edges or smudging. Thumbs up from me.
  • Oh but by far the selling point of this particular lippy is the colour. 'Just Peachy', number 165 may well be the elusive 'perfect nude' that every girl needs in her make-up bag. I was almost reluctant to write this review and share my well-kept secret of two weeks but that would be mean so off you all go, buy buy buy! Perhaps I'm getting a little too excited over a lipstick but in all honesty, the shade of this lipstick is beautiful. In my opinion it looks a lot more expensive than its RRP of £4.49 which makes it a bargain and an investment! I've worn this stuff every day since purchasing it!
  • If you're not convinced by the colour though not to worry! Barry M Lip Paint comes in 21 shades so there's plenty of choice! (Take a peek here)

  • Are there any cons? No. (Hehe)
  • Although if I had to pick one flaw it would be that the colour, perhaps being a subtler shade, is not so pigmented as their other lipsticks. However I've found it easy to build up the coverage with two to three coats!
  • Additionally Barry M, unlike Urban Decay, don't provide a matching lip liner range for their lipsticks. Which made finding a matching liner a little more difficult...but don't worry I've done all the hard work for you and would recommend the Barry M Lip Liner in 'Russet' (See photos below)

Colour swatches...

Wearing 'Just Peachy' 165 on it's own without any liner. As you can see it's a gorgeous pinky nude...

If you wanted to go a little darker and a little more matte for a more intense/nighttime effect, I think the perfect partner for this lippy is the Barry M lipliner in Russet. I filled in the whole lip with pencil and then used Just Peachy over the top to create a really lovely dark nude lip:


Did you enjoy this post? Have you tried any of the Barry M Lips range? What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear so please comment below! :)


  1. I adore Barry M! I've never understood why companies don't do matching linner but thanks for finding one that works. They are both pretty shades. Your teeth are perfect, I'm jealous!

    1. So do I! It was such a lovely surprise when I first started my cruelty free journey two years ago to discover they're animal friendly :) And I agree, having discovered Urban Decay's matching liner range I thought it was such a simple and brilliant idea that more companies should take advantage of! But no problem, I love the Barry M Russet, it's a pinky brown so really blend-able with other lipsticks too! And thank you I'll be smiling more often now haha! Thanks for commenting and for your feedback, please do stop by again soon for more cruelty free reviews :) :)

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