Thursday, 9 October 2014

REVIEW: The Body Shop Hair Chalk (Pink)

Festival season might be over, but with grey days ahead who really needs an excuse for a splash of colour? A splash of blue or candy pink to be precise, in the form of The Body Shop hair chalks. I have been dying to try these out ever since they appeared in stores in the spring. And now I have finally been able to live out my 11 year old hair fantasies. For apparently pink streaks never go out of fashion...

Using the hair chalk was pretty simple. The 'instructions' consisted of three easy-to-follow steps:
1. Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes. (Do this!)2. Gather a section of hair, place the colour pad on top with your thumb underneath and glide down to tip.3. Brush through the excess powder and seal with hair spray.

It really is that easy. I have to say though, I was a bit lax in following the instructions and the white t-shirt (yep, white) I was wearing ended up looking like I'd been at a paint party. Also, I later discovered a small printed 'tip' below the instructions, to wear gloves - I'd definitely recommend this too as the chalk managed to spread from my thumb all over my hands and up my arms.

However, don't let this put you off because the effect really is great. It took me no more than ten minutes to achieve the look I wanted. I was also really pleased that the chalk showed up in my dark hair, my past forays into the world of exciting hair colour (namely hair gadgets from Argos when I was in primary school) have always left me disappointed as the colour was never as vibrant as I envisioned. The Body Shop Hair Chalk was therefore a pleasant surprise, the pink did show up!
I took a photograph of the results, sorry for the poor quality image (it was evening when I took it so I couldn't get very good lighting)! I've also stolen a photo of my beautiful best friend Beth who used the chalk before a festival - to show the results she got with her blonde locks! As you can see the result is darker on brunette hair compared to the blonde, but still a good colour in my experience! 
That's all the lovely good points so scroll down for some of the issues I had with the product...




Sighhh, number one would have to be this:

Sadly this is not a great value product, especially if you have long hair. This is the state of my hair chalk at the moment and that is after use. At £5 for one colour tab, this isn't an every day kind of product. It works out great for a one off occasion but sadly, that's all. Personally, I think it would be much better if the product came in packs of two, one pink and one blue - then at least you'd get two uses out of it! 
Number two? I didn't get great wear out of it. The product seemed to be falling out my hair before I stepped out the door and by the time I got to my event a lot of the vibrancy had gone *cry*. However, Beth's hair lasted for a whole weekend and therefore I think the reason mine didn't stay in so well might have been because I didn't have any hairspray to set it in my hair so perhaps all hope is not lost. I have also been informed by Miss Bethany that she re-applied her chalk three times and still has quite a bit of the product left - so it seems that you need to use quite a lot more product to cover dark locks!
I'd say the only other downside to this product is that it is quite drying on your hair and a good deep condition is needed once all the chalk is rinsed out! (TBS also recommend conditioning before hand!)


I think this is a really good product. It's certainly the best short term colour answer I've found, sadly however that is very short term with the product lasting just one measly use. For those looking for more permanent cruelty free colour answers, I'd recommend checking out Manic Panic's site where they have an awesome range of cruelty free colour dyes. For one off occasions however, this product certainly does what it says and gives great colour on both dark and fair hair, and with a bit of hairspray it could last days!


What did you think of this review? Have you tried hair chalks before?! Let us know your thoughts and feelings by commenting below!! We love to hear :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

REVIEW: OCC Skin Concealer

Voila! A beautiful cream concealer by one of my favourite cruelty free brands: Obsessive Compulsive CosmeticsI love this little find. Before diving into the pros and cons I'll quickly mention that I seriously considered making this product part of a cruelty free 'dupes' post due to it's striking resemblance to MAC's Studio Fix Cream Concealer... however, I'll save that for the future and just say that if you're a fan of MAC's Studio Fix you should definitely make this cruelty free switch!

  • The product comes in twelve shades that use the same undertone system as their foundations. From the lightest yellow based shades to the darkest red based shades you are certain to find a match - OCC are really good at this!
  • The consistency of this concealer is really nice, it has a creamy texture that doesn't dry out on the skin and being solid rather than a liquid means it not only stays where you put it but is easily build-able (for those unhappy skin days).
  • The translucent ivory shade of Y0 doubles up perfectly as a highlighter when applied along the brow line and nose.
  • It lasts! And lasts and lasts and lasts... my concealer was the last item in my make-up bag to make the switch to cruelty free and that's because my MAC Studio Fix concealer lasted me forever. But this little find stands up to the cosmetics giant because after months of use I've not even made a dent! Very happy indeed!


  • Woe of woes... Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is, sadly, a US based company. Which I do have to forewarn you makes getting hold of their products in the UK a little tricky. (Luckily I'm really nice and have made a little list of sites where you can purchase their stuff, here.)
  • Just like its evil (tested on animals) MAC counterpart, our cruelty free alternative sadly comes with a little over-average price tag of around £10 - £15 depending on where you buy it. However it does seem a little nicer when you consider it as an investment: spending £5 every couple of months or £15 every 6 months to a year... I know which one I'd choose!

Overall it's a thumbs up from me! This top end concealer does everything a concealer should. From hiding away blemishes and perking up tired eyes to highlighting your best bits, OCC Skin Conceal is an all round cruelty free gem!


Did you enjoy this review? Have you tried Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic before? Share your thoughts below and leave a comment! :)