Tuesday, 25 November 2014

November favourites...


Okay it's not quite Christmas. But hey I'm feeling festive and something tells me these products are going to be key essentials when it comes to party season. Some are old favourites and some are new discoveries but here's the cruelty free goodies I've been absolutely loving this November ...

The Barry M Natural Glow and Limited Edition Starry Eyed Palettes

Ooh my I can't praise these palettes enough. For some reason I've never really experimented with eye-shadow much and I've only just recently started wearing eye-liner again (I'm not sure why I ever stopped!). Anyway, these palettes are simply perfect for beginners and at £6.49 they're such a bargain. I've never been brave enough to splash out £30 + for those glossy Urban Decay palettes when I don't wear eye-shadow a lot and - honestly- wouldn't have a clue where to start. So these palettes by Barry M have been a godsend. They've sparked a new love for eye-shadow in me. Each palette has a mix of shimmery and matte shades in a range of gorgeous colours. From me to you, The Starry Eyed Palette is Limited Edition so grab it whilst you can. To do these palettes full justice I'll be popping up a a full review soon!

The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Bronzer

I've been a fan of this bronzer for years and years now (it was one of my very first reviews on this blog - read here). It's really become such a staple in my make-up bag. Its warm, it's pigmented without being heavy, it has light-reflecting shimmer in it that leaves a lovely sheen and it's a mosaic of colours that leaves you with a warm blush unlike the flat block of orange that you get with some other bronzers. It comes in two shades, 01 a light golden peachy colour and 02 a more deeper golden brown. It's on my November favourites because I've recently swapped back to this after using the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder for a while, which is more of a one dimensional colour and also more matte, it was lovely however I've gone back to my shimmery bronzer with Christmas coming up!

Soap and Glory Supercat Fat Eyeliner

It's a jumbo carbon black pen eye-liner that has re-sparked my love of cat flicks, wings and everything eye-linery! Having not worn eye-liner since I was fifteen I thought I'd ease my way back in with a pen, as opposed to all the gels and liquids that can go oh so wrong. This little number from Soap and Glory has been a really nice new touch to my going out make-up, it's easy to apply, wears really well and all in all I'm happy to be re-learning the precise art of winged liner.. full review coming soon! (Once I've mastered it!)

Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Make-Up Setting Spray

Another old favourite. After all that time you spend getting ready and putting on your make-up, you feel close to despair when you catch yourself in a mirror at the end of the night and gone is your masterpiece; replaced by some smudged mascara and patchy foundation. I think I might have found this after a desperate Google search: 'ways to set your make-up... FOREVER'. (Slight exaggeration but you get the point). Anyway this stuff is good. Really good. Being a student I couldn't splurge out on the £20 full size bottle but I bought the travel size in order to keep my Halloween make up in place and as usual it worked a treat, and with party season coming up I won't regret the investment. Read a full review here.

Sleek Face Contour Kit

So since swapping back to my shimmery Baked To Last bronzer, I could no longer use my bronzer for contouring (you want any dark shade you use to contour to be really matte, not sparkly). I'd seen this product talked about quite a lot in various places but had never taken the plunge as I was quite happy using my bronzer and light shade of concealer for all my contour and highlighting needs. Anyway, suffice to say that this stuff really does the job. I'm not crazy about the highlighting powder but the dark contour colour is so pigmented and so matte that it works better than any bronzer I've used. I'll pop a full review up soon to show you some swatches and how I use it!

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette

This is fast becoming my signature scent. It's absolutely heavenly. I can't even describe the smell to you, you'll have to go check it out. The Body Shop have got a fantastic range of perfumes and they're also a lot cheaper (£16) than some of the big designer fragrances on the highstreet (most of whom test on animals - tut tut)! You can buy their fragrances in glass bottled Eau De Toilette form or if you don't want to spend too much, they're all available as body mists too. Yummy!

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