Where it all began...
'Face' was the original name of my blog when I started it back in 2013. I created my blog with the mind to be an independent beauty blog aiming to raise awareness of animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Since then, my blog has become an outlet for all things close to my heart, from books and recipes, to wildlife, art, and of course cruelty free cosmetics.

Why cruelty free ?

So often a person, when asked, will say they are against animal testing in cosmetics…yet unfortunately a majority of these people are unaware that many of the high-street cosmetic brands they buy everyday are involved in animal testing. I myself was guilty of this, until a lovely sister of mine shared what she had found; that we had been buying animal tested products for years and that it was time to stop. The aim of this blog is to make the public aware of what they are buying and wearing on their faces every day and to highlight that supporting animal rights does not necessarily mean going bare faced or sacrificing the quality of make-up, cosmetics and toiletries they are used to. There are a number of fantastic companies out there devoted to creating top-end products without the unnecessary cruelty to animals.


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